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We are welcome you on the web-site dedicated to Russian speedskating.

It was opened in November 24, 1999. We are not professional web-designers (to be true, we're not designers), and just ex-speedskaters, who little bit thinking in HTML.

Main purpose of the site is to put scope of the information about the speedskating. We try regularly to update the information on the main competitions, in which Russian skaters take part. Unfortunately, we do not have opportunity to operatively update results of championships of Russia, and especially we do not have any items of information on competitions in other countries of CIS and Baltic States, where they, probably, will for the present be carried out, that is where the skates have not rusted yet. So, if you consider, that you in a condition to render me the help in it, make to us the company in the "Non-rusty Skate Community".

One more important task for the site is statistics. It is allocated in separate large section. Main, if you have any statistical information on the championships of the countries of CIS (except Russia, of course) and Baltic States (allround, sprint, single distances, years 1992-2000) after disorder of former great speedskating country, email us to address, specified below.

This homepage is the English part of the more complete Russian web-site located at, to read which you must be able to understand not only Cyrillic letters, and also Russian words, expressions, sentences, etc. At the more complete Russian web-site you can also find results, of international championships, for example. In Russian, of course. If you want to get any international results in English or else, look through our links page, please.

As this site has no official status and, we hope, will not have it, you can use the information for all purposes, except for commercial. In a noncommercial case we ask you only to refer on this site and more anything, in commercial - it is necessary and the presence of our sanction is desirable: written or oral. The same is require to use the statistical datas submitted on the site.

By the way, because of the informal status of our Web-site, we ask you do NOT send us any questions concerning activity of the Russian Speedskating Union and other organisations.

Please, e-mail your questions, remarks, and suggestions about speedskating to skater at, and send your messages about bad or good working of the web-site to Aleksandr Kuznetsov (skater at Would write your full name, please!